Walmart reveals the most bizarre top-selling items in every state

Walmart knows more about what Americans are buying than any other US retailer, thanks to its sheer size. The company tracks shoppers’ purchases across and its more than 4,700 US stores. In a recent analysis of Walmart.

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Three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Silver Spring lists for $369,900

The Washington area as a whole is known for its high housing costs, particularly in the District and nearby suburbs. But buyers looking outside the city will find an abundance of options for a more affordable price to stay under a budget cap of $400,000.

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What home sellers need to know about appealing to millennial buyers

Millennials make up more than 50 percent of all first-time home buyers and represent a growing segment of the Washington-area population. These young professionals and activists are looking to make their mark on the world at the epicenter of American politics and culture.

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