Africa heads in different directions – politically and economically

The African Union’s laudable objective of a ‘peaceful, prosperous and integrated’ continent likely to remain a distant dream African leaders will meet in Addis Ababa at the end of January to discuss the good news and the bad across the continent.

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Rwanda scheme shows saving lives can be as easy as getting blood from a drone

A Silicon Valley robotics company has teamed up with the Rwandan health ministry to hasten the delivery of vital medicines to hospitals in remote areas An ingenious drone delivery service known as “Uber for blood” has slashed the delivery time of life-saving medicine to remote region

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A widening budget gap is forcing the U.N. to slash food aid to refugees

MELKADIDA REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia — Eight years ago, Khadija Abdi fled the fighting and chaos in Somalia that killed her father and brother and made it across the border to a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia. Life isn’t so bad here, she says. Tents have gradually been replaced by huts.

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