A widening budget gap is forcing the U.N. to slash food aid to refugees

MELKADIDA REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia — Eight years ago, Khadija Abdi fled the fighting and chaos in Somalia that killed her father and brother and made it across the border to a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia. Life isn’t so bad here, she says. Tents have gradually been replaced by huts.

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Nigerian army says 700 Boko Haram captives have escaped

An army spokesperson, Col Timothy Antigha, said they had fled several islands in Lake Chad and arrived in the town of Monguno, in Borno state. There has been no independent verification of the army’s claim.

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What keeps this UN peacekeeper going?

Video What home comforts keep this UN peacekeeper going? UN peacekeeper Major Michelle Kayanda from Zambia tells us about life as a female peacekeeper in the Central African Republic.Video produced by Trystan YoungListen to BBC World Service’s Newsday programme on the iPlayer.

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Congo security forces shoot two dead during protest against president

Congolese security forces shot dead two men outside a church on Sunday while dispersing demonstrators protesting in the country’s capital against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down from power, according to Human Rights Watch.

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